Chong Zhou on ArtBahrain: My Expectations

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What do you expect from the first edition of ArtBahrain? 
I really want to see what is happening in the Middle East’s contemporary art scene, since the Kingdom of Bahrain is very mysterious to me. Not only will it be the very first time I’ll visit Bahrain, but also the Middle East. I’m expecting a fresh art scene as it will be completely new to me. I have a lot expectations from this first edition.

Are there any particular artists you are excited to see at the fair? 
I’m not that knowledgeable about Arabian contemporary art, so going to ArtBahrain will be the best way to approach this genre and to know more about Middle Eastern art.

ArtBahrain also offers a very rich programme throughout the fair. What are your personal highlights from this programme? 
When I received the invitation from ArtBahrain, it was one the most surprising art fair invitations I ever got. The invitation was of very high quality I must say. The one thing I remember is the calendar they gave us called “100 Things You Should Do In Bahrain”. So one of the highlights, apart from what there is to see in Bahrain and in the fair, is the opportunity to see more art and to know more about this country and the exciting parts of it. Additionally, despite there being other art fairs in the Middle East such as Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art, the most interesting thing about ArtBahrain’s programme is that it offers a combination between the country’s lifestyle and its art, turning it into a very exciting and adventurous event to attract people to come to the fair.


“I would like to take this as a good chance to know more about art in the Middle East and a good opportunity to go on an adventure to know more about this mysterious country.”

 -Chong Zhou-


I saw from the VIP Collector Programmes, that collectors will have the opportunity to visit historical and cultural sites, followed by dinner.
Yes, I’m very much looking forward to that. Art Bahrain’s programme will enable collectors to know more about the Middle East showing not only contemporary art but also its historical roots.

Why have you decided to travel all the way from China to visit the fair? 
Before answering this, I was actually supposed to visit Frieze London. But, I thought, I already know a lot about the art there since I got a good detailed tour of London last time. And when I saw the programme for ArtBahrain, it seemed so fresh and new to me. Also, being a young Chinese collector, it will be a really good opportunity to do some cultural exchange, since in China, we don’t really know about Bahrain and I’m sure the people from Bahrain do not know much about the art in China or about the collectors in China. Consequently, I would really want to take this chance as a good opportunity to start a cultural exchange between China and Bahrain. Lastly, the panel programme will be another opportunity to talk with collectors from the Middle East. I’m really looking forward to that.

Claire Bouchara