Top 5 Wall Street Collectors of Contemporary Art

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This week, Larry’s List, the world’s leading art collector database, is introducing five most prominent Wall Street collectors of contemporary art and their collections.

Our previous studies shows that there are more than one fifth (21%) of the collectors in the United States, work either in the financial services sector or in the private equity and venture capital industry, which is a large proportion comparing to the figure of other countries. These US collectors have shown themselves to be as energetic in the art scene as they are in finance, by actively engage in the art circle, some even contributed much in the public museums.

· Donald Marron, CEO, Lightyear Capital
· Daniel Loeb, CEO, Third Point Management
· Adam Sender, Owner, Exis Capital Management Inc.
· Raymond Learsy, former commodities trader
· Steven Cohen, Founder, SAC Capital Advisors

© Ben Gabbe/Getty Images North America


Donald Marron, CEO, Lightyear Capital

Having contributed greatly as former president of the MoMA’s board of trustees, Marron remains his power within the circle by organizing one of the most important cooperate collection in the world which eventually became the UBS Art Collection. His private collection include Roy Lichtenstein, Willem de Kooning, Frank Stella and Gerhard Richter

© Patrick McMullan


Daniel Loeb, CEO, Third Point Management

Loeb is frequently featured in various media as an important private art collector, his post war and contemporary art collection including Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Cindy Sherman and Mike Kelley. He is also a board member at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

Adam and Lenore Sender Celebrate the Opening of "Home Alone" Curated by Sarah Aibel
©Dean Neville


Adam Sender, Owner, Exis Capital Management Inc.

As an early buyer of contemporary art, Sender’s controversial act of selling a part of his collection in 2006 has gained much attention – he is going to sell another lot of US$70 million worth works in spring 2014. His collection include: Dan Flavin, John Currin and Ed Ruscha. (The photo shows Lenore Sender, Adam Sender and also Sarah Aibel, curator for his collection.)

© Raymond Learsy and Melva Bucksbaum


Raymond Learsy, Former Commodities trader

Raymond Learsy and his wife Melva Bucksbaum are both actively participate in the arts, in which they are both board members of MoMA, Whitney Museum of American Art, International committee of Tate Gallery, and the Committee on Collections of Harvard University. Art News listed them in as among the top 200 collectors in the world in 2003-2008.

© Steven Cohen and Alexandra Cohen


Steven Cohen, Founder, SAC Capital Advisors

He is the collector who contributed about one fifth of his total fortune, or US$500 million to US$700 million at art auctions, and also the owner of the legendary Shark piece by Damien Hirst. His collection of contemporary art including Andy Warhol and Willem de Koonings

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