Data Day: 10 Statistics To Know About Private Art Collectors

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Private art collectors are securing an important place in the art market today, holding pivotal roles in leading art institutions and through their acquisitions during art auctions. Learning about this art collecting scene is necessary to fill in the gaps of today’s art market.

Worried about where to find such a gold mine of information? Fear not, as we present to you a few exclusive statistics to know about the global art collector scene that we have whipped out from our Larry’s List Art Collector Report 2014.
We will help you be ahead of the art world crowd by being unbeatable about the next driving force of today’s art market.

You’re welcome.


1-  53% of collections worldwide have over 500 artworks.

2-  New York City has the most art collectors in the world.


3- Germany has the largest number of collectors in Europe with 21% of art collectors.

4- There are 29% female collectors internationally.


5- 37% of art collectors are active in public institutions.

6-  12% of collectors open their collections to the public through an online platform.

7- American artists are by far the most attractive collectible for art collectors, appearing in 40% of collections worldwide.

8-  11% of collectors are from the Media and Entertainment Industry against 12% in Finance.


9- Painting is the most popular media found in collections globally with 83%, against collage, drawings and works on paper with 15%.

10- Both North America and Asia-Pacific hold the highest percentage of  High Net Worth Individuals (HNIW) with 30% against Europe (27%), Middle East and Africa (7%) and Latin America (6%).


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Claire Bouchara