Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part II

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The wait is over! Following the success of Larry’s List’s Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part I, we continue our stroll among art collectors’ popular and most intriguing accounts from the app. We present our second part of our most comprehensive and diverting profile list to feed your arty procrastinations.


 26. Kyle DeWoody, US

Kyle DeWoody. Photo WMagazine.
Kyle DeWoody. Photo WMagazine.

Who: Daughter of art collector and philanthropist Beth DeWoody, and founder of design boutique “Grey Area”.
What to expect: An art stroll into the weird and wonderful international art exhibitions including snapshots of her dog Gracie in ever-so-curious updos. We cannot help but smile and stay connected to her adventures.
Tag name:  @kyledewoody


27. Stafford Broumand, US

Who: Reputable American plastic surgeon at 740 Aesthetics.
What to expect: Fun shots of his son’s head peeping in front of artworks at exhibitions, including images of his living room featuring great works by Christopher Wool and more.
Popular hashtags: Artists names such as #RichardPrince, #markgrotjahn, #christopherwool
Tag name: @staffordbroumand


28. Nilani Trent, US


Who: Art adviser at Trent Fine Art Advisory
What to expect: Visits to museum exhibitions and gallery openings such as Mnuchin Gallery, Lehmann Maupin and Pace, taking pictures of her favourite artworks by the likes of Chuck Close, Carmen Herrera, Billy Childish and Dan Flavin.
Tag name: @nilanitrent


29. Lauren Prakke, UK

Photo: White Wall Mag
Photo: White Wall Mag

Who: Lecturer, writer, advisor and curator of contemporary art. She is also Chairman of Whitechapel patrons, co-chair of WTW International and founder of Tate Young Patrons.
What to expect: A visual diary of Prakke’s art adventures, along with sensual and eye-catching works of art, and fun daring quotes about this crazy (art) world we live in.
Popular hashtags: #artcollector, #artlover, #artlife, #contemporaryart
Tag name: @culturerow


30. Michael Frahm, UK

Photo: Museum Association
Photo: Museum Association

Who: Advisor and Director of Blenheim Art Foundation
What to expect: Mostly sculptural works and installation art by popular favourites Dan Flavin, Ai Weiwei and Ugo Rondinone, including selfies with artists like Ai Weiwei. You’ll also find insider pictures into the prepping of exhibition shows at Blenheim Palace including his envious getaways to Ibiza.
Popular hashtags: #blenheimpalace, #art, #newyork, #london, #sculpture, #ibiza
Tag name: @mickfrahm


31. Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn, US

Photo: Harper Bazaar
Photo: Harper Bazaar

Who: Founder of Salon 94
What to expect: If you’re in need of change of scenery, expect a selection of art objects and ceramics in all shapes and sizes such as crystals on vintage ceramics, with the occasional cowboy and Marilyn Minter works.
Tag name: @jeannegr


32. Adam Lindemann, US

Photo: Artspace
Photo: Artspace

Who: Art dealer
What to expect: Showcasing new group of works at Venus Over Manhattan’s next exhibition with Dan McCarthy, Jeff Koons works at his attendance to the opening of The Broad and gorgeous vintage race cars.
Tag name: @adamlindemann1


33. Henry Relph, UK


Who: DJ
What to expect: Bright graffiti artworks, snaps of his favourite contemporary art pieces at major galleries at Petzel gallery and Skarstedt gallery, as well as his foodie adventures from dining at the top of the Gherkin in London all the way to Copenhagen.
Popular hashtags: #contemporaryart, #artinnyc, #artinlondon
Tag name: @henryrelph


34. Lisa Perry, US


Who: Fashion designer
What to expect: For the fashionistas and pop art lovers out there, it’s an endless feed of Lisa Perry’s latest designs inspired by the colours of Andy Warhol’s and Lichtenstein’s deep blue, green and pink of jackets, sweaters and dresses.
Popular hashtags: #lisaperry, #sixties
Tag name: @lisaperrystyle


35. Alexandre Errera, Hong Kong


Who: Art advisor, entrepreneur and founder of Collector Circle.
What to expect: Gorgeous and exotic travels to remote countries in Asia, gallery hopping in Hong Kong taking snaps of favourite Asian artist works as well as international artists. A great way to be kept in the loop about Asia’s art scene and its beautiful beaches.
Popular hashtags: Galleries and artists names such as #pearllam, #lehmannmaupin, #whitecube, #liuwei, #kusama
Tag name: @aerrera


36. Dennis Scholl, US

Photo: Knight Foundation
Photo: Knight Foundation

Who: Filmmaker, winemaker
What to expect: Strolls to art museums, supporting artworks by close artist friends such as Warlimpirriga Tjapaltjarri from Papunya, Tula as well as pieces by one of his favourite artists Clifford Still.
Tag name: @schollcreative


37. George Yabu & Glenn Pushelberg, Canada

Photo: Modern Luxury
Photo: Modern Luxury

Who: Founders of the design firm Yabu Pushelberg.
What to expect: Personal travel diary looking into exhibitions and galleries from Tokyo to London to Toronto and more recently to Venice, including snaps of conceptual works by Anish Kapoor and De Wain Valentine and other fun inspiration pictures of furniture, food and insects.
Popular hashtags: #venice, #weekend, #amazingart
Tag name: @george.glenn


38. Massimo Bottura, Italy


Who: Head chef at Osteria Francescana
What to expect: People and food packed photographs of his fun outings with his restaurant staff as well as artfully and gloriously plated up meals. It is an account to dish up from start to finish.
Popular hashtags: #refettorioambrosiano
Tag name: @massimobottura


39. Ashiesh Shah, India


Who: Architect
What to expect: A definite account to get some creative and design inspiration as the architect brings us his personals style favourites not to mention angled shots of architectural wonders.
Popular hashtags: #design, #furniture, #architecture, #newyork
Tag name: @ashieshshah


40. Fashen, US

Who: DJ, producer
What to expect: Posing in front of artworks at galleries and exhibitions, notably at The Broad Museum opening, selfies with artists, and detailed shots of colourful abstract paintings, and the occasional adorable pug picture. It’s a party!
Popular hashtags: #contemporaryart, #thebroadmuseum, #art
Tag name: @fashen


41. Ronald Rozenbaum, Belgium

Who: Financier 
What to expect: A diverse selection of Picasso sculptures from the MOMA exhibitions, scenic shots of glorious New York City and visits to private art collections such as Peyrassol and La Collection Lambert.
Popular hashtags: #NYC, #Picasso, #Sculpture
Tag name: @ronaldroz


42. Gene Sherman, Australia


Who: Director of Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation
What to expect: An informative account giving you the latest news in the art world in Australia spanning from Melbourne, to Sydney to Brisbane and Tasmania. She also shares her greatest reads under Gene’s Bibliothèque.
Popular hashtags: #culture, #australiancollections, #australianmuseums
Tag name: @sherman_gene


43.Pierpaolo Barzan, Italy

Who: Founder of Depart Foundation
What to expect: Many artist studio visits in downtown LA with Oliver Payne or Danny Fuller, inspecting art museums in China and family pictures against a sunny Cali beach landscape.
Popular hashtags: #contemporaryart
Tag name: @ppbarzan


44. Georgina Cohen, UK


Who: Art dealer at Gagosian Gallery, Mayfair London
What to expect: Gallery and fashion show outings, photos of her new baby boy posing with granddad and collector Frank Cohen or next to Damien Hirst’s famous spot paintings, and many event gatherings.
Tag name: @georginacarolinecohen


45. David Leppan, UK, Ibiza, Singapore

Photo: Piers Cunliffe
Photo: Piers Cunliffe

Who: Entrepreneur, founder of
What to expect: Scenic deep blue landscape shots of pools and beaches from his secondary home in idyllic Ibiza as well as other paradisiac locations.
Popular hashtags: #ibiza
Tag name: @davidleppan


46. Jason Pomeranc, US

Who: Hotelier, owner of Sixty Soho Hotel
What to expect: Beach, pools and trendy hotels in this one along with a few snaps of his personal art collection in his hotel Sixty Soho.
Popular hashtags: #sixtyhotels
Tag name: @jpomeranc


47. Francesca von Habsburg, Austria


Who: Philanthropist. Contemporary art collector and producer.
What to expect: Fantastic shots of her trips to Singapore and Solomon Island as well as outings with respected people in the art and cinema world and beyond.
Tag name: @franticbornemisza


48. Andrea Franchini, US

Who: Director of Events, Partnerships and Development at Hotel Americano in New York
What to expect: Lifestyle is only just the beginning. Andrea Franchini, the self-called ‘Charming Roman’ forms a way to blend art and lifestyle together. Taking snaps of his daily activities and outings surrounded by colourful art installations within the best art foundations around the world.
Tag name: @andrea_franchini


49. Joey Lico, US

Who: Director of Programming at The Cultivist
What to expect: Art fair hopping to international locations taking fun quirky pictures of her social outings and contemporary art works.
Popular hashtags: #thecultivist, #culturevulture
Tag name: @joeylico


50. Jochen Zeitz, South Africa

Who: Former Chairman and CEO of PUMA, now Director and Chairman of the board’s sustainable development committee of Kering.
What to expect: Take off to South Africa with his wonderful views and landscape of the bush and wildlife jewels of this country.
Tag name: @jochenzeitz



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