10 Ex-Screamly Horrifying Things That Could Happen To An Art Collector

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While Halloween for the many of us may involve ghosts, witches, ghouls… or clowns for the selected few, for art collectors it takes on a completely different meaning.
We listed the 10 most horrifying things art collectors would definitely perceive as a trick not a treat!


1.  A member of your family mistakes your conceptual “bin art” for trash and throws it into the dumpster.

2. The new large-scale installation you ordered won’t go through the door. Nightmare!

3. Your art dealer won’t pick up the phone.

4. You accidentally tore off a piece of your wall while trying to replace an old artwork with a new expensive buy. Unlucky!

5. Your gallerist says: we’re sold out! Liar!

6. You didn’t get minionized by Larry’s List.

7. Your storage facility says you ran out of space.

8. You won’t be able to receive your VIP passes on time for Art Basel Miami Beach 2015.

9. You finally get tickets to an exclusive high profile art event only a selected few know about, but your wife goes into labour.

10. Final stages of a bid and your yacht sails off to a no-network zone.


Claire Bouchara