Larry's List - Art Collector Interviews and Art Collector Email Address

Larry's List - Art Collector Interviews and Art Collector Email Address


The first global study on the setting of privately founded contemporary art museums.

The study was conducted with the participation of over 160 museums world-wide.

Featuring interviews with various museum founders, including Wang Wei (Shanghai), Walter Vanhaerents (Brussels), and Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Turin).

Executive Summary

To date there are 317 privately founded contemporary art museums in the world.

The top 5 ranks by number of museums are held by South Korea, the United States, and Germany, followed by China and Italy.

The South Korean city of Seoul leads the ranking with 13 museums, followed by Berlin and Beijing with 9 each.

The average size of a private museum is about 3,400 m2.

More than one third (35%) of private museums have over 20,000 visitors per year.

The average age of a private museum founder is 65 years

Private Art Museum Report

Edited by Larry's List Ltd. and AMMA Published by Modern Arts Publishing, Vienna Distributed by D.A.P. English, softcover, 108 pages ISBN 978-3-903004-94-8 Publication date: January 2016

Price: 38 EUR / 45 USD (hardcopy)


The first global study on the private contemporary art collectors.

Our research explores the world's private contemporary art collector scene - what they are buying, what their personal backgrounds are, their demographics - and reveals, for the first time, market statistics.

Executive Summary

The United States has the largest share of art collectors worldwide with 25%, followed by Germany with 9% and the UK and China with 7% each.

The biggest collector city is New York with 9% of global collectors. London (6%) and Sao Paulo (3%) rank second and third.

The average age of a collector is 59 years.

71 % of collectors are men.

The number of collectors in developing countries will increase rapidly in the coming years. Collectors from China, India and Brazil already account for 15% of global collectors.

In the near future, a large number of new private museums will open. 72% of private exhibition spaces were founded after 2000.

Collectors will create the next art superstar who will come from China. China is already home to 7% of global collectors

Art Collector Report 2014

Published by Publishers for Modern Art Distributed by DAP English, Softcover, 72 pages Price: 50 USD / 38 EUR (paperback) 14,99 USD (e-pub) ISBN 978-3-86984-530-2 (print) ISBN 978-3-86984-516-6 (e-pub) Publication date: January 2015

Price: 38 EUR / 45 USD (hardcopy)


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