The 10 Most Read Collector Talks on Larry’s List in 2017

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In 2017, Larry’s List continued our dedicated efforts in connecting with art collectors around the world as we talked to more than 30 of them who shared with us their eclectic  collections as well as their passion and vision for contemporary art. We are excited to present you our list of the most read collector interviews in the past year…

1. How To Build a Museum That Could Transform a Spanish Region
Javier and Lorena Lumbreras, Arévalo, SpainJavier Lumbreras 3-10-171929 1 copy 2


2. How to Build a Collection at a Young Age
Freddy Insinger, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

_MG_5909 copy


3. Would You Expect Flemish Furniture at This Indian Art Powerhouse – next to a Bharti Kher!
Shalini Passi, Ne Delhi, India


4. So What Is The Finest Amsterdam Contemporary Art Collection Ever…
Henk Drosterij, Amsterdam, The Netherlands



5. The Lady Transforming the Art Market in Nigeria
Kavita Chellaram, Lagos, Nigeria
Kavita Chellaram_featured image


6. A Glimpse into the Media-Shy “Unicorn-Collector’s” Art-Filled Offices
Kazunari Shirai, Tokyo, Japan

1705260038 copy


7. Is Collecting a Heroic Commitment or a Crazy Sickness?
Tiqui Atencio, Monte Carlo, Monaco
DSC_9315 copy


8. The Collector Who Founded Germany’s First Urban Art Museum
Christian Utz, Munich, Germany
MUCA Pre-Opening, München, 08.12.2016


9. The Excitement on Letting a George Condo Post Fly
Alberto Chehebar, Los Angeles, United States
Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 14.49.08


10. When a Massage Parlor Is Not Enough, a World-Class Private Museum Is the Next Step
Hong Gyu Shin, New York, United States


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